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Christian Media Services is dedicated to sharing Jesus Christ and the message of His salvation through books, CD/DVDs, television and the Internet. We are working with 3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting Network) on the translation of their programming to Romanian and Hungarian, to be broadcast through Cable TV and the DBS satellite package DigiTV in Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.

You can download for free a variety of programs, many with translated subtitles: for children (Kids Time, Janice's Attic, Tiny Tots for Jesus), youth (Teen Pathways), healthy lifestyle (Health For A Lifetime, Help Yourself To Health, Homeschool Of Health, Wonderfully Made), vegetarian cooking (Abundant Living, Cooking by the Book, Food for Thought), family and marriage counseling (Marriage in God's Hands, Thinking About Home, Up Close), Bible truth (Battles of Faith, Bible Answers, Breath of Life, Cracking the Genesis Code, Discover, Everlasting Gospel, In Search of the Truth, It Is Written, Revelation Speaks Hope, The Presence, Voice Of Prophecy, Windows of Hope) inspirational (Faith Factor, Rags to Riches) and Christian music (Melody from my Heart and Back to Nature).

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